Alternative Fuel Campaign

Making the Switch to Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The road to a sustainable Hawaiʻi is filled with options.


Simple and seamless
Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) use gas to fuel the internal combustion engine (ICE), which charges the battery for the electric motor. It does not require electricity, extra maintenance or anything new to learn behind the wheel, making the transition from ICE to HEV simple and seamless.


Lower carbon tailpipe emissions than ICE vehicles
Better fuel economy than ICE vehicles
Lower maintenance costs than ICE vehicles



Our Initiatives

Servco Talks Alternative Fuel Vehicles with KITV Island Life

Host Nikki Holbrook joins Judy Relosimon Ng of Toyota Hawaii and Jordan Doi of Servco Toyota Honolulu to learn more about sustainable vehicle options and test drive the Toyota RAV4 Prime and Toyota Sienna.

A Variety of Alternative Fuel Vehicles For All Lifestyles

KHON2’s Bryce Moore interviewed our own Judy Relosimon Ng and Servco customer/RAV4 Prime owner, Amy Yonashiro, to share the importance of providing a variety of alternative fuel vehicle that best suits the customer’s lifestyles and preferences.