Fender Play Foundation

“It is the mission of the Fender Play Foundation to equip, educate and inspire young players.”



The Fender Play Foundation’s mission is to equip, educate and inspire the next generation through music. By partnering with organizations, educators, and artists, the Fender Play Foundation supports communities through equipment donations, personalized instruction and artist experiences. Currently, the centerpiece of the Fender Play Foundation is its middle school music program in partnership with LAUSD, the 2nd largest school district in the U.S. Since the program launched with 1,000 students in June 2020, the Fender Play Foundation and LAUSD teachers and administration have been working to reach 10,000 total students by the end of 2021. This innovative program that combines a teacher-led curriculum with access to instruments is breaking new ground as a sustainable, scalable and innovative model for music education. Fender hopes to give 1 million students the opportunity to learn a new instrument by 2030.

The Foundation is focused on three pillars: 


  • Equip: Ensuring educational institutions, schools and organizations have the gear required to support youth-focused music 
  • Educate: Providing support and learning tools to young players through our digital learning program, Fender Play and in-person instruction 
  • Inspire: Exciting the next generation of players though community-focused initiatives in partnership with Fender Play Foundation Artist Ambassadors 


Inspiring the Next Generation of Music Artists

 In celebration of Servco’s 100-year anniversary, we partnered with the Fender Play Foundation to donate 2,000 Fender ukuleles, 750 Fender acoustic guitars, soft cases, and one-year subscriptions to Fender Play that will benefit over 8,500 local elementary through high school students in Hawaiʻi. 

The musical instrument donation program was launched on Oahu with a series of surprise concerts featuring Na Hoku Hanohano award winning music duo Ben & Maila at three schools across Oahu. It continued into the evening with a ceremony at the Bishop Museum where students and teachers were able to pick up their new musical instruments.