Servco Internship Program

Servco’s Summer Internship Program is ripe with new opportunities to learn and grow, exciting projects that’ll have a real impact, and connections with people who care about your personal and professional development.

If you’re ready to make an impact, even before you’ve graduated, our internship program is the perfect place to begin. Our program is a great way to explore the vast range of career options at Servco. During this 8-12 week program, you will be a vital part of our team, experiencing all the important Life:Moments Servco has to offer, while learning about our business.

Interns to Full-Time Team Members

We’re always looking for individuals to join Team Servco! Learn more about some of our previous interns that have become full-time team members.

Internship Program: Summer 2019, App Development Intern – Digital Strategy
Education and Major: University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa, Computer Science ’20
Current Position: Jr. Full Stack Software Engineer – Digital Strategy

What I Enjoyed: I enjoyed the innovative environment the most. Even though we were just interns, everyone was open-minded and constantly encouraged us to share our ideas and perspectives. I learned to really challenge myself and to try to think outside of the box more. I also learned more about the full range of Servco’s endeavors. They don’t just sell cars, they are actively striving to improve mobility in Hawaiʻi as a whole as well as serve the community through various philanthropic efforts.

Why I joined Team Servco: Servco’s involvement in shaping the future of mobility in Hawaiʻi was a big part of the reason I wanted to join the company full-time. I think Servco’s vision and its potential to help our community is very exciting. I also liked the work culture here. Everyone is so kind and down-to-earth; I thoroughly enjoy working with them.

Advice for Students Starting Internships: I would advise them to not be afraid to speak up and share their ideas. Servco really encourages open-mindedness and innovation, so all perspectives are welcome. I would also encourage them to express anything specific they’d like to learn more about, as the company is really great about accommodating those interests in order to help make the internship experience a fulfilling one.


Internship Program: May 2019 – April 2020, App Development Intern – Digital Strategy
Education and Major: University of Portland, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ’20
Current Position: Full Stack Software Engineer – Digital Strategy

What I Enjoyed: I enjoyed the people I met during my internship the most. I got along so well with everyone I met, and everyone was so welcoming and inviting to all the interns. We would have lunch with so many different groups of people and got to do so many cool out of office bonding activities to get to know our team. I learned so much about app development and the software development process during my internship. I was able to work on so many cool projects that were actually pushed to production and got to see the process from start to finish which was such an amazing learning experience.

Why I joined Team Servco: The culture at Servco was definitely the main reason I decided to come back full time. I always felt so accepted like I was part of a family when I interned here, and since it was my first real job, I assumed that was normal. After working at another software company for the past year, I realized that’s definitely not a common culture to have and made me realize how special Servco is. I also wanted to come back as a full-time team member because of how much of a difference I feel like I can make here. Because the development team here is pretty small, I get to work on cool projects where my contributions will actually make a huge difference, which I think is so much more rewarding than being one of hundreds of engineers at a large company where your individual contributions aren’t really seen.

Advice for  Students Starting Internships: My advice for students starting their internship program would be to meet as many people as they can during their time here. Everyone here is so friendly and has so much experience in different areas that you can learn a lot from. Take advantage of lunch and learns and ask lots of questions- everyone is so willing to help you succeed.


Internship Program: Summer 2019, Brand Marketing Intern – Marketing
Education and Major: University of Oregon, B.S. in Journalism ’19, M.S. in Advertising and Brand Responsibility ’20
Current Position: Production Coordinator – Marketing

What I Enjoyed: Aside from learning from my managers and working with my team members, I really enjoyed getting to know the other interns. The interns were placed in various areas throughout Servco, so it was fun eating lunch together and sharing our different experiences. Team members also took the interns out on a lot of “field trips” – VPC, SAPC, Breakout Room, Axe Throwing, etc. It was great getting to know everyone in these different environments because you could really see what they were like and what they are interested in outside of their internship position. A lot of us are still in contact today! I also really enjoyed being a part of Team Serve and getting to assist in community service projects. One moment that stood out to me was attending the backpack presentations at Waiau Elementary School and seeing the excited look on the kids’ faces as they received their new backpacks on the first day of school. It was awesome to see a large company like Servco give back to the community. The students gave each of us a yarn lei that I’ve kept hanging on my door ever since.

Why I joined Team Servco: My internship experience at Servco exceeded all of my expectations thanks to the friendly staff, innovative environment, and variety of opportunities. After my internship was finished, I knew I would want to work for Servco again as a full-time team member.

Advice for Students Starting Internships: My advice for incoming interns is to absorb as much knowledge and join in on as many opportunities as possible. There is so much information that Servco has to offer; In my three month internship I was able to learn about many different vehicles and all of their unique features. I was also able to participate in two Hackathon events which helped me to learn more about UX/UI design and the Digital Strategy team. If there is a specific skill or area you are interested in, don’t hesitate to bring it up with your manager. They definitely want you to make the most of your internship experience and will help you out as much as possible.

Internship Program: Summer 2021, Data Science Intern – Digital Strategy
Education and Major: City University of New York School for Professional Studies, M.S. in Data Science ’18
Current Position: Jr. Business Intelligence Engineer – Digital Strategy

What I Enjoyed: During the summer, Servco hosted two Hackathon events, where we worked together in teams to create and produce digital solutions to mobility issues. I enjoyed the Hackathons because they were a great way of getting to know not only the rest of my internship cohort, but other members of Servco as well.

Why I joined Team Servco: The people and culture of Servco were a big reason I joined the company. Everyone I worked with during the internship was friendly and encouraging. They all wanted me to do well. Also, I liked what Servco is doing with both technology and data usage. Lastly, I liked that Servco gives back to the community and is heavily involved in service projects.

Advice for Students Starting Internships: Be yourself and more importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’re here to learn, and everyone is more than willing to help you succeed.

Internship Program: Summer 2021, Data Visualization & Analytics, Robotic Process Automation Intern – Digital Strategy
Education and Major: University of Colorado Denver, Computer Science ’20
Current Position: Jr. Robotic Process Automation Developer – Digital Strategy

What I Enjoyed: This internship was my first introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)! I had heard of similar automation techniques before, but I had not had the opportunity to train and learn an entirely new automation ‘language’ like this. In particular, I loved working with my team to develop something that will directly improve the day-to-day experience of our hardworking sales department.

Why I joined Team Servco: The food! (Kidding.) The RPA work I had this summer is just the tip of the iceberg; Servco really does lead through innovation! I’m thrilled to be able to stick around and really help the Servco team and further community.

Advice for Students Starting Internships: Attend everything that you can. Take notes at /every/ meeting. Ask questions!

Internship Program: Summer 2021, Product Management, UX Design Intern – Digital Strategy
Education and Major: Northeastern University, Computer Science & Design ’21
Current Position: Junior UX Designer – Digital Strategy

What I Enjoyed: I really enjoyed the guidance I received from my manager and other people at Servco, like teammates or even executives when we got a chance to talk story. There is a lot to learn from them in terms of leadership, being change-makers, and professional and even personal growth.

Why I joined Team Servco: The main reasons I wanted to stick with Team Servco full-time were because of their commitment to serving Hawaiʻi’s community both through business and beyond, as well as the progressive work environment. All of Team Servco is really supportive and open to new ideas and are also driven by a desire to help Hawaiʻi and its people. I think it’s tough to find a place that has both, so I wanted to seize this opportunity.

Advice for Students Starting Internships: Go into your internship with a growth mindset. It’s okay to ask a lot of questions, to be bold with your suggestions, and even to make mistakes, as long as you’re willing to learn from those experiences. When you do that, your impact can go beyond your time here, and the people you’ll meet and experiences you’ll have can be useful to you beyond your internship, too!

“I like that there are lots of opportunities to explore different departments, I’ve gotten to meet with a lot of people, and they were willing to sit down and talk to me about what they do and any advice that they have for me.”

Taylor Tamashiro, Human Resources Intern, Santa Clara University

“This has been everything I could’ve wanted out of an internship. I’ve been able to learn so much, both about what I want to do and what the real world is like, and I’ve been able to do that in a very supportive environment.”

Brandon Nishimura, Technology Information Systems Intern, University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa

“A lot of the job opportunities were really interesting, and I think super unique opportunities to get in Hawaiʻi, especially because I’m interested in tech. It was something I had to take advantage of since it’s really rare to get those kinds of opportunities here in Hawaiʻi.”

Karli Young, Digital Strategy Intern, Northeastern University

“Working in the marketing department, everyday is not the same, so coming into work is a lot of fun and I look forward to it. I’m never doing the same project twice.”

Hamilton Keola, Marketing Intern, Seattle University