Servco H2 Station

Located at our corporate offices in Mapunapuna, the Servco Hydrogen Fueling Station is Oahu’s first publicly accessible hydrogen station and marks our commitment to the future of mobility in Hawaii and our belief in the potential for fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) in our state.

Offering zero carbon emissions and zero compromise on refueling time and driving range, FCVs can make a real impact on our sustainability goals.They are complementary to hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric vehicles, and give our customers another option to reduce their carbon footprint. The hydrogen station produces its own hydrogen on site by electrolyzing water using a combination of grid and solar power. The station will serve fuel cell vehicle owners, including Servco customers who lease the Toyota Mirai.

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Hydrogen dispensers

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Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai is the latest innovative vehicle that has been brought to Hawaii and is the only full-production fuel cell vehicle available in the state. Mirai means “future” in Japanese and sets the new benchmark for sustainable mobility.

With its advanced hydrogen fuel cell powertrain that converts air to energy, the only thing left behind is water. It also offers a unique style, roomy interior, and responsive performance.

Servco plans to offer the Toyota Mirai for lease only,
which will include servicing and hydrogen fuel, after a down payment.

The Toyota Mirai has an EPA estimated range of 312 miles on a full tank of hydrogen, with a combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 66 MPGe.