9th Annual Servco School Supply Drive Provides Classroom Essentials to Hundreds of First-Graders

August 7, 2017

Over the summer, Team Servco made their way to local Walmarts, Targets, Fishers, and Longs, to collect a bounty of school supplies for the first graders of three lucky elementary schools. Aiea, Waianae, and Waimanalo Elementary schools were all selected to receive this year’s donations from the 9th Annual Servco School Supply Drive.

After the donation goal was met, over 200 backpacks were stuffed by Servco volunteers, the weekend before school started. The Pikake Room at Servco Toyota Honolulu was lined with tables stacked with binders, composition notebooks, portfolios, and cases of scissors, glue, erasers, pencils, pens, and much more. Everyone pitched in to make sure that each backpack had all the necessary supplies for the students to succeed in the classroom.

“It was a warm feeling on the inside tobe able to give back to these kids, because we know in the future they will be the next up-and-coming generation, so we want to give them the best that we can offer and every supply they possibly need to be successful,” said Shawna Benson, a Team Serve member and co-leads for this year’s supply drive.

As the bell rang on the first day of school, first-grade classes gathered in their cafeterias to be greeted by Team Serve members and the location coordinators who helped put on the supply drives in their respective divisions. Team Serve asked the students what they wanted to be when they grow up, and were surprised by the variety of responses from a doctor, to a teacher, and even a “worker at Servco.” Students were then given some advice on how to succeed in school, and each received their Servco backpack heavy with supplies before walking single-file back to class, ready to start the new year.

“Having supporters such as Servco allows the students to get the supplies that they need so they can access a quality education,” said Sheldon Konno, vice principal of Waianae Elementary. “For a lot of our families, every dollar, every cent, every paycheck, really matters to them. Having supporters that can give financially, and give their time to come here to let these keiki know that they are important and that education matters is priceless.”

Special thanks to everyone who donated to the supply drive, and all location coordinators who motivated their team members to step-up and meet our overall goal!