Servco Donates 500 Gifts to Parents and Children Together for the 2017 Giving Tree Program

December 15, 2017

For over ten years, Servco has had the wonderful opportunity of partnering with Parents and Children Together (PACT), to provide gifts to Hawaii’s keiki during the holiday season. PACT is one of Hawaii’s leading nonprofit organizations that provides a wide array of educational social services. The children in the Giving Tree Program are covered under the umbrella of Parents and Children Together, Early Intervention and Family Strengthening Services.

This past holiday season, a special request came in from PACT as they were looking at possibly 700 keiki for the 2017 Giving Tree Program. As in past year, Team Servco rose to the call and was able to donate gifts to 500 of them! As the largest supporter of this annual event, PACT is extremely appreciative of Servco’s continued generosity.

“I can’t express how thankful we are that Servco has, again, helped us to ease some of the challenges our families face in their day-to-day lives,” said Servco’s PACT representative, Wendy Tomita.

On Friday, December 15, three cars and three trucks pulled up to the Servco Home & Appliance Showroom where gifts overflowed the front entrance of the showroom. After snapping a group photo of all the volunteers and staff members, everyone began to shuttle presents. The parking lot resembled a game of human Tetris, placing each gift strategically to fit perfectly and being extra careful not to smash or tear the beautifully wrapped gifts. It was a sight to see all the vehicles filled to the rooftops, and all of Santa’s helpers smiling endlessly as they loaded the gifts.

Servco’s Giving Tree Coordinator, Shawna Benson from Servco Home & Appliance Distribution, led the company effort in collecting donations and did an amazing job, gathering a record number of gifts for this year’s program.

“It was a cheerful afternoon well spent. I am glad that we could be part of such a wonderful cause and is what encourages me to continue serving in the community,” said Shawna. PACT delivered all 500 of the gifts
just in time for the holidays, which was a very appreciated surprise for the families and children. “They are so thankful and emotional, especially when the family has a hard time making ends meet,” said Wendy.

Servco is proud to partner and work with PACT year after year and take part in the season of giving. Mahalo to all the Servco team members that helped to make this year’s Giving Tree Program the biggest yet!