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Servco Foundation Announces Recipients of its $60,000 Community Grant Program

May 31, 2018

Last month, the Servco Foundation announced the recipients of its first-ever $60,000 Community Grant Program. The Foundation received nearly 2,000 nominations from the public on behalf of 83 nonprofits and served the caused areas of animals, special needs, and youth services.

The winning nonprofits, recommended by Team Servco and approved by the Servco Foundation, were Kids Hurt Too, Help, Understanding & Group Support (HUGS), and Hawaiian Humane Society. Each nonprofit was offered $20,000.

Many of the nominations that the Foundation received were heartfelt endorsements of the work many nonprofits do in our community, making it an extremely difficult decision.

“The fact that 2,000 people took the time to write to us about a nonprofit that made a difference in
their life shows the type of impact these organizations make in our community,” said Mark Fukunaga, chairman of the Servco Foundation. “We’re pleased to recognize these three organizations with funds to help them expand their services in Hawaii.”

“We’re so grateful to the individuals who nominated HUGS,” said Joan Naguwa, HUGS executive director. “The generosity of the Servco Foundation will significantly help Hawaii’s families find strength and support as they deal with the significant emotional and financial challenges of caring for a child with a serious illness.”

“Kids Hurt Too Hawaii operates on a meager budget and has learned to make every dollar count. This gift will literally cover a full month’s worth of services for our grieving families and we could not be more grateful,” said Michael Moore, executive director of Kids Hurt Too Hawaii.

Each of the winning nonprofits were invited to a presentation ceremony where they had the opportunity to meet their nominators who wrote about the impact their nonprofit had on them and the community. Stories, smiles, and hugs were shared all around!