Servco’s Centennial Spirit is About Giving Back

December 1, 2019

In celebration of its centennial year, Servco commemorated the milestone by giving back. Hawaii Magazine published an article on the company’s Centennial Service Campaign initiatives.

“Hawaii’s culture is like a quilt woven together from diverse materials—beautiful and unique with a rich history and delicate threads held firm by the strong ties of community and leaders.

One such business leader was Peter Fukunaga, an auto mechanic who opened a small garage on the North Shore of Oahu in 1919 and who, from his earliest days, believed in giving back to the community.

From those humble beginnings, Servco Pacific Inc. has grown into a $1.8 billion-plus business that employs hundreds in Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. The company’s charitable arm, the Servco Foundation, sustains Fukunaga’s legacy of philanthropy, and its support of over 100 organizations each year continues to strengthen the community, weaving new strands into the fabric of our culture.

That’s the (Centennial) Spirit!

1921 Waialua Garage Co.: Fukunaga’s garage merges with two other operations and was incorporated into Waialua Garage Company.

Servco turns 100 this year and as part of the company’s celebration, Servco and its foundation announced a joint $1.5 million philanthropic initiative to give back in ways that will positively impact Hawaii for the next 100 years.

“Through our Centennial Service Campaign, we will be investing in programs that address systemic challenges and have sought out projects that would impact our community in meaningful and sustainable ways,” says Mark Fukunaga, chairman & CEO (and Peter’s grandson).”

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