Servco to Introduce Hui Brand and Closed Test Stations to Public

January 16, 2018

Servco Pacific Inc. (Servco) today introduced Hui, the name for its new round-trip, station-based car share program it is developing in partnership with Toyota Connected North America. Hui has just completed an employee-only pilot test with Servco employees and is now starting its next phase with a closed pilot test in Honolulu. Once the pilot test with the closed group is complete around February, Hui will open the testing to members of the public interested in trying the new mobility service. The Hui Brand Servco collaborated with Honolulu-based marketing agency, Anthology Marketing Group, to develop the Hui brand name and logo. With bright and vibrant colors, the Hui logo incorporates a playful nod to a vehicle wheel, while also implying continuous movement and a hui or community. The dot on the “i,” called “the orbit” alludes to the program’s round-trip model. “As most people in Hawaii already know, Hui means club, association, or joint ownership in the Hawaiian language and is often extended to imply community, partnership, or extended family,” said Kim Randall, vice president of sales & marketing for Servco. “We felt these definitions, combined with the idea of ‘better together’ made Hui a name that perfectly embodies this shared mobility service.” Public Hui Testers to Be Sought in March For the past few months, Hui has been conducting an employee-only pilot at Servco’s headquarters in Mapunapuna. Now, the company is progressing to the next stage with a closed group of pilot testers. Public volunteers will be sought in March to participate in the planned public pilot test in Honolulu. “The introduction of Hui is another exciting chapter in Servco’s growth and Toyota’s evolution as a mobility leader. We’re excited to give members of our community an early look at our program and the ability to provide valuable feedback to help us make our service even better,” said Peter Fukunaga, director of Hui car share. Hui stations available during the closed pilot testing will be located between downtown Honolulu and Kaimuki. Vehicles in the closed pilot program include the Toyota Prius and Camry XSE, and the Lexus RX. During the pilot, participants will use Hui vehicles at special discounted rates. Members of the public interested in receiving Hui updates and participating in the public pilot in March should submit their email at . Through the Hui mobile application, users can:

  • Reserve a vehicle for use
  • Lock and unlock the vehicle
  • Obtain a digital key to start the vehicle
  • Manage payments

“It’s a fast and easy way to get a vehicle when you need one,” explained Fukunaga. Hui car share is a new, practical shared amenity for Honolulu residents that provides an alternative to car ownership. It is designed to be a complement to bike share and public transportation options.