Servco Receives Toyota Motor Corporation Customer Service Excellence Award for 2019

May 27, 2020

We are excited to share that Servco has achieved the Customer Delight Excellence Award (CDEA) Silver Trophy for the first time ever in 2019! This award was created by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and is a testament to the Toyota Hawaii Dealers’ strong efforts and continuous improvements to their customers’ service experience.

TMC’s customer retention goal is to go beyond customer’s expectations “to satisfy and delight each and every one of our customers and put smiles on their faces”.  For Toyota and Dealers to succeed, it is essential to have “overwhelming competitiveness”, that is, “service with speed and attractive price by productivity enhancement”.  In order to achieve this, TMC developed the CDEA, which recognizes Toyota Global Distributors who earn the trust of more satisfied customers, which will in turn lead to the creation of more Toyota fans.

To achieve this goal, TMC and Servco launched the Kodawari program in the Hawaii market, which provided the groundwork for standardization at our dealerships. By increasing our level of customer service, we expect it to lead to an increase in our sustainable business and profit, which will make Servco an even better company to work for and increase team member happiness.

TMC recently presented its annual CDEA Trophy virtually to Glenn Inouye, SVP of Auto Distribution, and thanked him for his dedicated leadership efforts and years of service to the Toyota Way.  Achieving TMC’s CDEA Silver Award is a huge accomplishment for all those involved and the key performance indicators measured shows that our Dealer’s fixed operations teams are making improvements!

This award is a tribute to the dedicated daily efforts of your Toyota and Lexus customer service personnel.  We also want to thank the tireless efforts and teamwork between Servco Auto Customer Service, Servco Auto Parts Center, and all Hawaii Dealers who strive to deliver excellent customer service!