Servco Toyota Service Center Becomes First Service Operation to Achieve Updated Kodawari 2.0 Certification in Hawaii

April 28, 2021

Earlier this year, Servco Toyota Service Center became the first service operation to be awarded the Kodawari 2.0 Certification in the State of Hawaii.

The Kodawari 2.0 is a program of guidelines that ensures a Toyota Dealer will consistently deliver a standard of accurate, high quality service, to meet customer’s expectations.  The term “Kodawari” means “something that a person persists in doing”, and a dealer is certified after it has been confirmed that they have successfully implemented 100% of the Kodawari standards. Kodawari Certified Dealers have enjoyed improvements in their customer satisfaction index (CSI), employee opinion survey (EOS) scores, as well as financial results.

Toyota Hawaii held a small award celebration with Servco Executives and members of Toyota Motor Corporation via Microsoft Teams. Servco Toyota Service Center was presented with a Certification Award from Toyota Motor Corporation and a Paddle from Servco Auto Distribution.

Congratulations, Servco Toyota Service Center!