Servco Encourages Authenticity While Discussing Tattoos in the Workplace with Hawaii Business Magazine

October 18, 2021

Photo credit: Aaron Hoshino, Hawaii Business Magazine

“Servco Pacific employees are encouraged to be their “authentic selves,” while upholding the company’s core value of being respectful to their customers, co-workers, business partners and community.” Our Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations, Jondi Anderson, joins Hawaii Business Magazine to discuss Servco’s perspective on tattoos in the workplace.

She personally believes tattoos are part of one’s identity and can tell a story. One of her four tattoos is a kakau that connects her to her Native Hawaiian ancestors and genealogy.

“My son has been begging for his kakau for many years,” she says. “Having turned 18 last year, he became more adamant about getting it – spending countless hours researching his genealogy. I caught myself telling him, ‘No, you can’t get it until you decide what career you want to have. You don’t want it to jeopardize your ability to get a job.’

“His response was, ‘This tattoo will mean more to me than any job – if I will not be accepted by a company because of my tattoo, I do not want to be there.’”

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