Get To Know the 2022 Servco Summer Internship Cohort

July 19, 2022

Servco’s annual Summer Internship Program kicked off in mid-June, welcoming the program’s largest cohort. A total of 28 interns will be working throughout various teams including Digital Strategy, Servco Parts Center, Servco Mobility Lab, Marketing, and more. In this year’s cohort, we are also welcoming two interns from Maui and Hawai‘i Island who will be gaining experience at Servco Lexus Maui and Inventory/Dealer Services, respectively. Throughout the eight week program, these interns will attend workshops, community service projects, and the Innovation Fest – Servco’s annual internship Hackathon event, in addition to collaborating with full-time team members in their departments. Their work will be presented at the end of the program to their managers and the Servco Executive Team.

Here is our 2022 Summer Internship Cohort:

As the first Cybersecurity Analyst intern for the Digital Strategy team, Chiara Duyn is excited to apply what she has been learning in school as an Information Technology major to the profession. Through this experience, Chiara hopes to better understand the career paths she can pursue after college. On her watch list is the new movie, Elvis starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks!


New to the world of automation, Cole Nakashima is eager to learn more about the technology as the Robotic Process Automation intern this summer. In addition, Cole is excited for the opportunity to dive into other agile platforms like Scrum and Kanban. Cole has added Everything Everywhere All at Once, to his watch list!

Dallon Andrade-Tomimoto is looking forward to developing his data analytics skills while also becoming more confident transitioning from a student to a full-time employee. He hopes to see how corporate settings operate and how each department fits within the larger company framework. Currently on Dallon’s watch list is the new season of Somebody Feed Phil, a Netflix original travel documentary series!


Excited to learn how software development impacts the overall functionality of a company, Derrick Luyen will be working hands-on to develop code applicable across Servco. On his time off, Derrick enjoys watching Korean shows such as Link: Eat, Love, Kill, Running Man, and Amazing Saturdays.

John In is looking forward to learning valuable skills that are relevant to his career path. He is also excited to work with and learn from experienced team members who can help guide his professional journey. What John hopes to take away from this internship are meaningful and lasting connections with both Servco’s professionals and interns. Currently on his watch list are Spy x Family and Hustle.


With a love for the unknown and new, Jonathan Ma looks forward to seeing the finished product of his projects throughout the summer. During his internship, Jonathan will become more familiar with Servco’s internal processes while gaining soft skills and striving to be more innovative. On his watch list, Jonathan has added the long-awaited release of Avatar 2!

Working in the Digital Strategy department, Joshua Dutton will gain professional work experience and technical software development skills while learning from other highly experienced interns. This summer, Joshua is working on application programming interface call frameworks for the Servco website. On his time off, Joshua has been watching season four of Stranger Things!


As a Software Development intern, Kason Shiroma will be working with an agile development team. Studying computer science at UH Mānoa, Kason is hoping to gain a better understanding of the agile development process and grow as a developer. On his watch list, this summer is Game of Thrones!

Katherine Ko is excited to receive hands-on experience and 1:1 mentorship with professionals working with the Digital Strategy team. Katherine hopes to learn how to become an entry-level UX designer who can collaborate seamlessly within a team to create meaningful designs. Outside of work, Katherine is a lover of all things food-related and the Iron Chef reboot, Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is no exception, taking up a place on her must-watch list!


Majoring in Computer Science and pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship at Brown University, Digital Platforms encompasses all that Kayla Mukai is interested in. Combining these fields of study, Kayla will find ways to use technology to enhance Servco’s business and online customer experience. Working towards this goal, Kayla hopes to gain real-world experience working on projects that will benefit Servco and its customers. On her watch list is the newly released Minions: The Rise of Gru.

This summer, Logan Machida is continuing his studies, learning about the relationship between business and computer science. Helping to bridge the two, Logan will be utilizing new analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Siteimprove, Google Search Console, and more. Out of the office, Logan is watching the new Star Wars miniseries on Disney+, Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Moving beyond small school projects, Ralph Ramos is interested in getting a feel for what it’s truly like to be a software developer. Working through daily tasks, Ralph hopes to learn about the processes of effective cooperation in a software development team while also gaining experience with application programming interface, coding languages, and other software programs. Taking up a few spots on his watch list are All American, Move to Heaven, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

Stefani Sakamoto is interested in working on cross-functional teams and learning from the diverse network of professionals at Servco. As a Product Management intern, Stefani enjoys the opportunity for innovative solutions that intersect business, UX, and tech. On her watch list are two new releases Everything Everywhere All at Once and Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.


As a Software Development intern, Yiwen Chen intends to improve his communication and teamwork skills as he works on various projects including creating automation validation for the Toyota Hawai‘i Care Warranty Claim. Yiwen is excited to grow these skills in the supportive and encouraging atmosphere at Servco. Currently on his watch list are Spy X Family and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Interning with the Human Resources (HR) team, Emi Horii enjoys following the HR team through the process of investigating cases. Combining legal knowledge with empathy, patience, and flexibility, Emi hopes to gain a deeper understanding of labor law while improving her communication skills. As no case is ever the same, Emi loves the unpredictability of each day. On the entertainment side of things, Ava Jules’ new podcast, On My Mind, has recently captured Emi’s interest!


Interested in marketing and communication, Michael Bucao is eager to explore incorporating the two topics within Human Resources. He aims to learn more about the different roles and functions of HR and its role within a larger company. Curating a lengthy watch list for this summer break, Michael has added newer releases like Lightyear, The Black Phone, and Nope in addition to the classics like Community, New Girl, and Parks and Recreation.

Getting a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Servco’s operations, Jacqueline Millard will experience the extensive process of bringing cars to customers, following the journey from production to sales. Jacqueline is interested in bridging the gaps between data trends and the ongoing challenges of the Inventory and Dealer Services department. Having never watched the Harry Potter movies, Jaqueline hopes to tackle the eight-part series this summer!


As her first in-person internship, Kristin Lau intends to make the most of her time by diversifying her marketing knowledge and gaining real-life experience from different campaign projects. Learning from the Marketing team members, Kristin hopes to see the different facets of marketing while expanding her skillset as she takes on the challenges that come with working in a corporate business. Recently returning from studying abroad in South Korea, Kristin is re-watching the Korean drama, SKY Castle with her family!

Majoring in Business Administration, Lindsey Fujii is eager to apply what she has learned in her college courses and contribute her knowledge to Team Servco. Building upon this knowledge, Lindsey hopes to learn more about marketing within the business industry while exploring what brand marketing has to offer. While out of the office, Lindsey has been watching The Summer I Turned Pretty, a new TV series on Amazon Prime Video!


As the Partnerships and Events intern, Marc Gamayo is excited to take part in the conceptual, planning, and execution phases of Servco’s various events throughout the summer. Marc will see first-hand how these operations function within a professional setting, gaining industry experience and learning the ins and outs of event planning. This summer, Marc has added to his watch list Eve, a Korean drama starring Seo Ye Ji, who seeks revenge on those who destroyed her family!

Majoring in Communication and Media, Megan Okuma is looking forward to applying the skills she has learned so far in the classroom. From managing Servco’s internal app to writing press releases, Megan will gain experience communicating within Servco as well as with the public. This summer, she aims to expand her knowledge on the vast role communications has in a company and the community. Always looking for new shows to watch, Megan has added Our Flag Means Death to her watch list.


Yongyu Tang is excited for the opportunity to intern at one of the largest companies in Hawai‘i that has also created a positive impact on the community. Declaring a Data Analytics emphasis last semester, Yongyu is hoping to utilize what she has been learning in her courses while also discovering the multitude of opportunities the career path has to offer. Hoping to re-watch all 15 seasons before they leave Netflix, Yongyu has added Criminal Minds to her watch list this summer!

This summer, Dylan Kaneshiro is excited to be a part of one of Hawai‘i’s best local comapnies, hoping to learn more about how large businesses operate and what practices lead to success. Dylan is also looking forward to utilizing Excel to automate tasks. On his watch list is the newest Marvel movie, Thor: Love and Thunder!


Always looking for opportunities to grow professionally and personally, Gilbert Li is hoping to gain valuable experience, connect with his coworkers and fellow interns, and understand the process of a professional business. This summer, Gilbert has added The Summer I Turned Pretty, Eat, Love, Die, Twenty-five, Twenty-one, and Suits to his must-watch list.

Working in the Servco Parts warehouse, Theodore Chun is working closely with a variety of different people in specialized roles and observes the various moving parts of a warehouse operation. Theodore is seizing the opportunity to develop his communications skills in the context of a professional environment through building relationships with his coworkers. He also hopes to walk away from this internship with an understanding of large, inventory-based business operations. Currently on his watch list is Sons of Anarchy!


Working at Servco Lexus Maui, Stacia Eng is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Team Servco where she feels the caring company culture. Stacia aims to learn how corporate businesses run as she grows in her position as the Facilities and Control intern. Hoping to figure out the specific section of business she wants to pursue in the future, Stacia is interested to see which parts of her tasks stand out. This summer, Stacia has added YOU, the Netflix original to her watch list.

Having family members who have used Hui Car Share for years, Bennett Bartels is excited to work with Team Servco to assist in the program’s marketing. He looks forward to bringing the convenience of Hui to locals and visitors as he learns more about marketing and Servco. While Bennett’s main focus will be marketing, he is thrilled that the Hui Team is passionate about giving him a multifaceted learning experience including areas such as operations and customer service. Bennett is currently watching Volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4.


Vincent Fan is excited to work and learn as a team, experiencing what it’s like to have his accomplishments contribute to a larger process at the Vehicle Processing Center. This summer, he will support the treatment of new cars as they arrive on the island and move to independent dealerships across the state. Vincent enjoys anime and has added the recently released Spy X Family to his watch list!