Meet the 2023 Servco Summer Internship Cohort

July 5, 2023

Servco’s annual Summer Internship Program began on June 19, bringing together a cohort of interns spread throughout various departments in corporate, distribution, and retail. Out of the 2,000 this year, 29 were chosen. We are also welcoming two interns from Farrington High School to participate in the program this year. For eight weeks, interns will work alongside full-time team members in their respective departments and attend various training and educational sessions, culminating in a final presentation for their managers and the Servco Executive Team.

Here is our 2023 Intern Class:

Kaedin aspires to further explore his interests in accounting and finance, understanding how both concepts are utilized in Servco’s operations. This summer, he is eager to learn from experienced and high-achieving professionals in his department. In the future, he hopes to help a company and/or individual meet their financial goals. Whether it be through analyzing or managing, it is in his best interest to ensure company growth and financial success. In his free time, Kaedin enjoys fishing and playing soccer with his family and friends.


Brandon is passionate about working with an end-to-end data pipeline using Google Cloud Platform and is excited to learn how to work with actual raw, real-world data. His interests in the data industry lie within machine learning, with an interest in sentiment analysis and topic modeling. He hopes to become a Data Engineer to utilize data and predict future data using machine learning concepts. In his free time, he is the president of his school’s Filipino American Student Association, an avid at-home barista, plays the clarinet, and volunteers at various nonprofits like food banks and homeless outreach organizations.

Jarett is looking forward to exposure to different technologies and frameworks as well as working with Google Cloud. He wants to pursue a career in the tech industry as a Software Engineer. In his free time, Jarett likes to listen to music, hangout with his friends, and go to the gym.


Winston is excited to gain software experience, understand how cross-functional projects operate, and work with his team to produce a customer-facing application. His future goal is to become a full-stack Web Developer. Outside of work, Winston enjoys rock climbing, watching YouTube, and playing video games.

Brandon is excited to learn and grow his app development experience. He is looking forward to learning from his mentors and fellow interns this summer. He hopes to have a career in the Software Engineering field. In his free time, Brandon enjoys pickleball, hiking, poker, and music.


Louis is hoping to expand his knowledge on coding and how it is used to benefit today’s society. He is interested in furthering his learning on the creation of Google Chrome extensions. In the future, he wants to become either a Software Developer or a Hardware Engineer. When not at work, Louis enjoys playing guitar, video games, and spending time with his dogs.

Currently a student at Farrington high school, Triztin plans to major in Computer Science and pursue a career as a Software Engineer. One thing Triztin is looking forward to this summer is developing Google Chrome extensions and gaining experience to help him for his future career. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family.


Kent is hoping to gain knowledge about the automotive distribution and retail industry and how it relates to the business structure and operations of Servco. He is passionate about the customer journey along the different digital platforms that Servco hosts and being able to create a seamless customer experience integrating offline and online channels. When he is not at work, Kent enjoys surfing, playing basketball, practicing Judo, finding new places to eat, traveling, and spending time with his cat.

Mia is excited to learn about the way business and web development intersect to improve the experience for Servco’s customers. This being her first internship, she is taking all the technical skills she has learned from her coursework and seeing how it can help impact the Servco community. She is interested in pursuing a career in Neurotechnology, Biotechnology, or Software Engineering. Mia enjoys playing volleyball with friends, playing the violin, eating, and solving puzzles.


Ethan is passionate about problem solving and troubleshooting technical issues. He will be focusing on Oracle software tools and is excited to gain experience working with Oracle and understanding how the company operates. In the future, he is interested in a career as a Data Analyst with a focus in business intelligence, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and data engineering. Outside of work, Ethan enjoys playing basketball and going to the beach with friends.

This summer, Michelle is looking forward to gaining hands-on experience in the User Experience field, building a community at Servco, and meeting and connecting with new people. She hopes to have a career in the User Experience field, focusing on working for an organization that helps first-generation low-income students. Michelle enjoys naps on the beach, trying new restaurants, and recently has been learning how to surf.


Alyssia is hoping to gain exposure on how to communicate to stakeholders and developers while managing their expectations. She is fascinated with the Product Ownership team because they are always thinking about how to satisfy stakeholders and determining whether a problem is solvable with people, technology, or an improvement in process. She is most interested in pursuing a career that allows her to use both marketing and computer skills. Outside of work, Alyssia likes to play video games with her brothers, cook, and read historical fiction.

Brandon is passionate about merging business and technical interests in a way that listens to and benefits everyone. He will be gaining experience in an interesting field, meeting new people, and exploring career opportunities. Throughout the summer, he is looking forward to interacting with the hot chocolate machine and the chance to find a lifetime career. In his free time, he enjoys writing fiction, composing music, and playing the piano.


Kendyl is excited to gain a deeper understanding of employee benefits while also diversifying her Human Resources knowledge by learning more about the different facets of Human Resources. She plans on working as an industrial-organizational psychologist, as this will allow her to combine her interests in psychology and business to help improve workplace productivity and the well-being of employees. Kendyl likes trying new coffee shops, baking, snorkeling, journaling, and thrifting.

Sunny is hoping to gain the ability to work collaboratively with Human Resource professionals to find creative solutions to problems and gain new strategies for thinking outside of the box to ensure that all team members feel welcomed and valued in their positions. Sunny is looking forward to being able to contribute her ideas and opinions to the HR Business Partner and Safety teams. She is interested in a career in HR labor relations or management. Sunny enjoys going to the beach, snorkeling, and playing pickleball.


This summer, Lauren is looking forward to collaborating with other teams, other interns, and seeing how the partnered events impact the community. She loves that the different teams in the marketing department work together to create ideas and ensure they happen. In the future, she wants to work within the business field and wants to work for a company that is community focused and innovative. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys dancing hula, running, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Taylor is wanting confirmation; she is looking forward to getting more on-the-job experience in marketing to determine if content marketing is a good fit for her. She is excited to be a part of the content marketing team and their shoots for different campaign projects, including working alongside local talents like MANAOLA. In her free time, Taylor enjoys going to concerts with friends.


Ken is looking forward to improving his communication and teamwork skills as well as challenging himself in the Hackathon and workshops. He hopes to pursue a career in Econometrics or Data Analysis while building his own photography business. In his free time, Ken likes weightlifting, reading, and learning more about the economic state of the world.

Gage uses his passion of creative thinking to inspire his work in graphic design. This summer, he is excited to see the entire production process and see how the different marketing teams work together to create the final products. He hopes to work in design after graduating. Outside of work, Gage can be found skating, taking analog photos, and eating K-BBQ.


Chloe is excited to expand her knowledge of corporate communications and public relations. Passionate about writing and connecting people together, she is looking forward to interacting with the Servco community. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in public relations or communications with a company that positively impacts the community. In her free time, Chloe enjoys sailing, diving, traveling, reading, and going to the beach with friends.

Cobalt is excited to learn more about brand marketing and gain knowledge outside of the financial industry. At Servco, he is looking forward to the different content shoots and events. In the future, he hopes to continue to work in marketing, either in brand marketing or marketing analytics and use those skills to work for an environmental nonprofit. When he is not at work, Cobalt enjoys being active, by playing basketball, surfing, hiking, and attending beach clean ups with his friends.


Maverick is excited to gain experience in corporate marketing to understand future business planning for his entrepreneurship goals and learn the many marketing tools used to drive business success. He is interested in the ability for a business to convert attention and information into sales that help build the company. Outside of work, Maverick enjoys working on personal development and self-improvement, reading, and listening to podcasts on money and business.

Coming from Australia, Alex is excited about the opportunity to work abroad. She wants to learn more about marketing resources and tools so she can take them home and apply them to her degree and future career. She is interested in digital marketing because the data is tangible, instant, and she can see the reach and engagement of content. In the future, she wants to work within the field of marketing and hopes to work abroad or have a position that has the flexibility to travel. In her free time, Alex enjoys going to the beach and hiking.


This summer, Justin is looking forward to working on challenging projects and learning about the thought process of building new features and ideas into reality. He hopes to pursue a career in product management or consulting. Justin likes playing poker, chess, or any strategy game.

With a passion for cars, William is excited to gain a further understanding of car procurement and how Servco runs their operation. He will begin teaching this Fall and eventually wants go back to school to obtain an advanced degree in Education. In his free time, William enjoys watching sports, especially the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball.


As the Business Development intern for Servco Quality Division, Trinity is interested in exploring the “back end” of corporations, focusing on different topics such as technician training and warranty claims. This summer she hopes to get a different perspective on how a large corporation, such as Servco, operates. She is open to exploring different career paths within business management and would like to work for different companies and experience new opportunities. Trinity enjoys going to farmers’ markets, supporting local business, trying new restaurants, and spending time at the beach.

Yashu is excited to work on projects and tasks that include large data sets. This summer, he is looking forward to building new relationships with the Servco community and learning about the overflow of the warehouse. In the future, he wants to analyze data for the sports industry. When he is not at work, Yashu enjoys playing basketball, going to the gym, and being active outdoors with his friends and family.


Megan is fascinated that the TIS department serves as the front lines for all I.T. related issues for the Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Australia locations, as well as many other departments. She is looking forward to taking part in projects that contribute to the daily operations and future goals of the company. In her free time, Megan enjoys trying and learning new things. She takes suggestions from friends on new food places to try and new shows to watch as well as getting inspired by people on social media to expand her tech knowledge.


Joy is hoping to gain more insight into the automotive industry and learning about the production and distribution of cars as well as the process of transferring cars from the pier to the dealership. In the future, she hopes to continue working for Servco as either project manager for the Product Planning and Inventory team or working as business office manager for VPC. Outside of work, Joy likes to journal and help her dad and her boyfriend work on cars.